Building trust and retaining clients in Hospitals  through keeping a good track record with clinic plus 

Have you ever visited a #clinic or #hospital in need of #medical services and you pay expensively for a service that you have to wait for hours before you are attended to , only to be told

“Please be patient , the X-ray man has gone for lunch. He has been working since morning without a break.” after 3 hours of waiting.

According to research Africa is said to have less than 1 health worker per 1000 population (Fonn, Ray & Blaauw 2011) resulting in high patient workload, clients paying highly for vague quality of services among others.

It is therefore important to invest in systems like Clinic Plus hospital & clinic management system that aid the few health workers to work efficiently and offer quality services and care to the general population .

Clinic plus management system is a comprehensive interlinked healthcare management system that caters for each department & stakeholder in a health facility. It has features that explicitly manage finance , patients, documentations, medical personnel, support staff, among others.

Clinic plus with its numerous features improve quality service delivery since it speeds up processes. For instance a nurse may not have to rush taking patient files to the doctors room, the system automatically sends patient information to the doctor .


Clinic plus is a system that builds trust  and retains clients through keeping a good track record and boosting customers satisfaction with timely service delivery.

Don’t let your clients lose trust in your service or in your health care facility , get a clinic plus hospital and clinic management system .

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