Clinic Plus Hospital sofware for UgandaDeployment

MAROCORP Medical Centre Enrolls on Clinic Plus

Are you already enrolled on the best health facility management software or are still struggling to discover a way to streamline operations at your health facility? All that paper hanging around and giving patients an extra task of reminding you when their last visit was, who worked on them or what treatment was administered are quite unhealthy for a facility that was built to boost health. Acquire ClinicPlus Software today and stand among the big boys who manage patient data, appointments, doctors, shifts, pharmacy, accounts and other hospital operations on a secure, seamless platform. You really do not have to be at the facility to monitor operations or turn around time, let ClinicPlus do that for you. MAROCORP Medical Centre got enrolled on ClinicPlus and they do not have to worry about Patient or Staff records (Health, Financial or Other) so their focus is entirely on their c

ore area of business, providing quality healthcare.