Retaining both your clients and staff using Clinic Plus 

Clinic plus is a centralized hospital or clinic management system that provides centralized access to information to administrators , personnel , proprietors and various stakeholders in the health facility with each having access to information limited to their role or level of authority in the facility. 

Clinic Plus is one of the best clinic or hospital management systems in Uganda that will help health care facilities retain both their staff and clients . 

Clinic Plus creates a conducive, efficient, and result oriented work environment that reduces staff shortages and burnouts since most of the work is automated/digitized.

For instance,  Clinic Plus interlinks departments and aids instant  information flow  between and among departments such as  when a doctor makes a diagnosis the required intervention is instantly sent through the internet  to the respective department which could be the laboratory for further investigations or to the radiography department etc. This reduces unnecessary staff movements as well as offering timely and quality health care services to the patients. You don’t have to worry about the internet; it is part of the system.

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